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Efforts to save the antelope-brush ecosystem include ecological restoration, the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed. Because ecological restoration is a relatively new field of study, there remains a great deal to learn. In many cases, research findings and the lessons learned from a project are as important as the actual restoration.

The Osoyoos Desert Society has been working on a number of research projects focusing on seed mixes using native species. These seed mixes have many applications, including use in traditional restoration projects, alongside roadways, re-seeding intense burn sites, between vineyard rows, or even for use in backyards for people who want to create a natural looking landscape.


                            hand holding native seeds

In addition, wildlife cameras have recently been employed to document animals around the Desert Centre. Information is collected about which animals frequent the site and when and where they are most active. This information is incorporated into tours and educational programs, increasing awareness of the animals that use the antelope-brush ecosystem.

                       Young buck at night