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Native Plant Demonstration Garden



The term native plant is typically used to describe plants that grew in a particular area prior to the arrival of settlers. The South Okanagan is home to an incredible diversity of native grasses, flowers and shrubs and offers gardeners a variety of beautiful plants to use in their landscaping. Besides providing food and shelter for local wildlife, native plants save time and money by reducing water use and the need for fertilizers and pesticides. 

At the Desert Centre a native plant demonstration garden has been created to showcase native species and promote native landscaping. Within the garden, a variety of mini-gardens have been designed to demonstrate different landscaping styles and options. The demonstration garden features a native plant meadow, rock garden, butterfly garden, native hedge, hummingbird garden, silver sage garden and container garden. 

For more information about native landscaping, download our Native Landscaping Booklet here..


Thank you to the following sponsors for supporting our native plant demonstration garden.