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Behr’s Hairstreak Habitat

Behrs Hairstreak HabitatThe Behr’s Hairstreak is a small butterfly that depends on antelope-brush for its survival. Antelope-brush is the only host plant on which the adult butterflies lay their eggs. Found only in the South Okanagan, the Behr’s Hairstreak is listed as endangered in Canada.

The Desert Society has partnered with the Public Conservation Assistance Fund to restore habitat for the Behr’s Hairstreak butterfly. Almost 2,000 native plants have been planted near the boardwalk entrance at the Desert Centre. The antelope-brush, nectar plants and native grasses used for the project provide host and nectar plants for the Behr’s Hairstreak and food and shelter for other wildlife living in the ecosystem.

Our thanks to the Public Conservation Assistance Fund for making this project possible.